Lucia Marecak

Photographer - Capturing the Mood in Food

Chocolate bundt cake on a table with juice glasses, silver forks and leaves. Pic by Lucia Marecak
Get a taste of her style

Photography has always been Lucia's passion, and she is constantly fascinated by the emotions that a simple photograph can reveal. 

Lucia Marecak grew up in Slovakia and moved to Italy in 2015 and is currently living in Turin. Over time, Lucia has developed strong skills of telling a food story and expressing mood in food photography images through compositions, lighting or colors.

It has become a way to creatively express herself and her style has developed along her personality.

Combining this passion with her other strengths- coaching and teaching- has resulted in an online learning platform, where Lucia has students from all over the world. She has created an interactive community of creatives from different nationalities that connects one passion – food photography.

Getting Creative with Lucia

Setting the scene.

Styling up the set with careful attention to the look and feel of the shot.

Light it up.

Getting the lighting just right takes time and patience.

Sharing is caring.

Staying in touch with the online classes.

Ready to shoot.

Less is more and keeping the equipment hand held given Lucia flexibility to compose.