Shardul Navare

Photographer - The beauty of India

Shardul Alice Magazine
Indian Beauty

Indian photographer Shardul Navare loves shooting beauty and fashion.

Born and raised in India, Shardul Navare attended the Shari Academy of Professional Photography where he studied Fashion photography obtaining his ‘mastercraftsman’ degree which then lead him on to complete his Masters Degree in London.

More recently he divides his time between India (Mumbai) and Dubai working for clients from all over the world.

Hardworking and driven, Shardul particularly enjoys the challenge of  advertising, fashion editorials, portraits and lifestyle type shoots as he loves to combine his creative flair and love for fashion with his passion for people. He is incredibly flexible and ensures that every project he works on meets the brief and style desired by the client and he is happy to go above and beyond to achieve this.

On Set with Shardul

Desert Shooting.

Out in the dunes of Dubai.

By the seaside.

Stepping in to get the shot.