Flattery is everything

Photographer Tyson Sadlo had the idea of capturing a super Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Spider along the Amalfi coast as part of a campaign for the Hotel Caruso. The image has been so successful it has been copied time and time again on all platforms from Pinterest to Facebook and websites of various brands and people. More often than not without permission of the photographer.

National Geographic Kicks off the copy.

It seems National Geographic were not too bothered when I pointed out that my image had been posted along with their travel article on Pinterest. We were a little surprised they allowed this breach of copyright to go ahead.

An Artist's impression.

It was interesting to see that we even provided inspiration for an artist who shared their take on our image.

A Restaurant on the other side of the world.

The Amalfi Coast Vintage car image even got used to promote a restaurant on the other side of the planet!

Credit where credit is due.

It surprises us the cheek that people have in claiming work as their own when in fact they have stolen images to build their profile.