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Posted on 1st April 2021 in General

Green tomatoes monochrome - Food Photography - healthy Goodies by Lucia
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Learning the fine art of food photography.

I am a food photographer, educator, and founder of the Healthy Goodies by Lucia – Members’ Club, an ongoing learning platform for food photographers from all around the world. I help our members create stunning food images they can be proud of via food photography courses, masterclasses and live calls, all inside our Members’ Club.

I have always believed in doing things differently. In adding value to ordinary things. In building a community of people that connects through the passion for food photography.

The mission of the Healthy Goodies by Lucia’s Member’s Club is to help our members learn food photography, and provide them with support on their journey to build a successful food photography business. Most of all, to provide them a space where they feel safe to create, without judgments, and they have constant feedback on what they do. This way they can build confidence, creativity, and progress faster.

The Members’ Club is based on monthly topics, and I invite other professional photographers to join me and show their behind-the-scenes in a monthly themed course. Then, we have a masterclass, which is a virtual workshop, image critique, and regular live calls. We also have other interactive activities, such as group live feedback sessions or a Food Photo Tournament, where the members work in virtual teams to complete their assignments. There are also goal setting & tracking coaching sessions that help our members stay on track to achieve their goals.

The idea to build the Members’ Club was born in May 2020 and its doors opened for the first time in December 2020. Previously, I have taken many food photography courses, but I always felt something was missing. I felt things can be done differently and better. I started looking more into membership platforms in other industries, so I could bring something new and fresh into the food photography niche. Thanks to my background in human resources, I put together processes and a structure that provides our members a very effective way of learning.

Indeed, our members have achieved amazing results only after a few months of joining our club. We have created a food photography family, where we know each other personally, have discussions about our struggles, and celebrate our wins.

Food Photography and the Healthy Goodies by Lucia – Members’ Club mean freedom to me. Freedom to create and to be creative, to turn the ideas into reality, and to help others grow and progress. The doors to the Members’ Club will open again in July, with a monthly fee of 36€. However, you have a unique opportunity to join our club with a 15% discount, using the coupon HERDREP.

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