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Our Story

Herd Represented is a creative agency that represents visual artists, connecting original talent with innovative commerce. Photographers, Filmmakers, Directors, Producers, Hair & Make-up Artists, Stylists, Retouchers and Editors.

The Herd was established with the mission to connect diverse visual talents with clients seeking authentic and high quality media assets, whether that be for corporate communication, social media, advertising campaigns, or sales activity and promotion. Our creative Herd includes specialists in hospitality, fashion, interiors, food and beverage, lifestyle, portraiture, corporate, travel, music, and celebrity.

Our artists are vetted for the quality of their output, as well as their on-set professionalism and efficient follow through. Our creatives are strong artists in their own right, maintaining professional photo and film practices. Herd Represented supplies an additional support network that enables our artists to realize ambitious projects on a large scale, for international and recognized leaders of industry.

From tackling complex logistics, international location scouting and on the ground production, sourcing and navigating bureaucratic systems.

Herd Represented is a trusted partner for businesses that require smooth operations for sophisticated global campaigns.

We take pride in going the extra mile for our clients. We’re creatives that know how to get things done.

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Meet the team

Tyson Sadlo - Creative Director

Co-Founder of Herd Represented, and international Photographer, Director and Producer. You could say I’ve been a travelling nomad since birth. I was born in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, before moving on to Australia as a young boy. After establishing myself as a photographer in Australia I moved to London, working on the field covering commercial advertising, corporate, lifestyle, celebrity portraiture, and hospitality. Eventually love brought me to Italy, where I now live with my wife and three energetic young children! We are a family that travels, and I split my time between London and Milan, managing the Herd Represented portfolio of creatives and global projects.

Jo Perry - Director & Accounts

Co-Founder of Herd Represented - and the person that makes the impossible possible. Before foraying into the world of photo and film production, I worked in international shipping and logistics. Whether sourcing a 747 jet in the middle of a global crisis, or a fleet of exotic birds for a princess, I know how to pull the strings and navigate channels to create some truly unforgettable campaigns. I manage the Herd Represented project budgets, and also mentor our budding talent, giving them tools and resources to succeed in the field and meet our clients' demands.

Nicola Onnis - DOP & Editor

Herd Represented In-House Editor. I studied communications, and went on to get a Masters in Film Direction from Barcelona Cinema School. I combine an understanding of communications and marketing with classical film training. With Herd Represented I’ve worked on a range of high profile films and campaigns, including works for our multi-national industrial clients as well as a roster of our luxury hospitality clients. In my free time I work on short films — I recently shot and produced a short horror film that won best ‘meta-short film’ in the Sabadell Horror Film Festival.

Valentina Davì - Producer

Herd Represented Italian Producer. I was born and raised in Italy, a country I love in all of its forms. I get particularly excited about food-related campaigns, as I think food is a very important component of people's culture (mine for sure).

Théo Grainzevelle - Producer

Herd Represented's Producer on the field based out of East London (the guy holding the umbrella). Before joining Herd Represented, I worked in marketing for Olam, a multi national agriculture firm and longtime Herd Represented client. I bring together an understanding of marketing from the client side, as well as film and production know-how. I am particularly excited about projects centered around environmental causes, and have worked with brands and institutions highlighting environmental protection and preservation. My recent commercial works have been for Olam, Cova, and Kasanka National Park.

Sophia Castiglia - Designer

I was raised by parents that love Art. From an early age you'd have seen me wandering around painting, pictures and posters of famous artists from all over the world. I lived in the UK for a couple of years then I moved back to Italy to study Graphics Design. I'm in love with photography and in my spare time I have fun shooting with an old film camera that I always bring with me. Here at Herd Represented I love being part of the team and getting involved with all the images and content created by the creatives. One day I would love to set up my own magazine.

Michael Copare - Business Development

I am a travel obsessive, who has an extensive experience of business development in the Tourism industry. I'm living the 'Digital Nomad' dream, based in the disgustingly beautiful Lisboa, Portugal. I am working with existing clients to enhance the quality of service provided by The Herd, as well as developing new opportunity for the team to get out there and show the world what we do! I am on hand from first call, planning, project management and production while on shoot. In my spare time I love cooking, football, travel (obvs) and my extensive knowledge on the Eurovision Song Contest is second to none!

Lucrezia Ponzano - Producer

I’m Italian, Milan based. I’ve been working as Facilitator of Collaborative Processes, Producer and Photographer at European level for the last 7 years. I am in constant evolution. I easily adapt to projects combining different skills. I like to think of myself as a creative but very organised soul. Art is my passion. In my free time I like travelling in order to discover as much as possible of this marvellous planet.

Caleb Conde - Photographer & Filmmaker

My passion for adventure is the key behind every image captured. The discovery of a new landscape, the here and now focus that only extreme sports can give you and the bonfire or chill out moment at the end of the day with your buddy or a cool crew that you have just met or with who you’ve been chasing moments like this for a long time are some of the main reasons why I love creating this stories and why I think people should spend more time outside. My biggest ambitions are going places where outdoor skills are required to reach those unique destinations. I feel that’s the way to prove to myself that I have spent the right amount of time learning and exploring the world.

Copyright & Usage Terms

All images and films are copyrighted. Full terms and conditions available on request.

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