Anton Welt

Fashion photographer - My camera helps me to talk to the world.

Anton Welt - Till Lindemann, Rammstein

Anton Welt is a fashion photographer based in Belgrade.

Before starting his photography career Anton has a 5 year experience as a graphic designer that gives him more comprehensive view on final result of every commercial photoshoot. Last 12 years he’ve been working as a photographer with focus on portraits, lifestyle and commercial shoots.

He has broad experience working with most demanding B2B and B2C clients and getting a creative result. He is inspired the most by people with a bright personality and an interesting story, classic fashion photography and challenging tasks. Anton considers the opportunity to visit new places and meet beautiful people all around the world the best part of his work.

The guy behind the camera.

In studio with the team.

Shooting a personal project on film.

Testing a light on set.