Explore more of the outdoors with Caleb

Caleb's passion for adventure is the key behind every image captured.

The discovery of a new landscape, the here and now focus that only extreme sports can give you and the bonfire or chill out moment at the end of the day with your buddy or a cool crew that you have just met or with who you’ve been chasing moments like this for a long time are some of the main reasons why Caleb loves creating this stories and why he thinks people should spend more time outside.

In his films and photos Caleb is capturing real moments. When directing, he is recreating happiness and inspiring talents to have fun. Behind the lens Caleb strives for beauty, there is beauty all around us, he likes to share it with others and change the way they see what’s around.

Caleb’s biggest ambitions are going places where multiple outdoor skills are required to reach those unique destinations. In a way Caleb feels that that’s the way to prove to himself that he has spent the right amount of time learning and exploring the world.

Behind the camera with Caleb

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