Dan Parkes

DOP & Editor - Life is one long steadycam shot

Steady as he goes

Dedicated, professional, creative and reliable.

From Japan to the United States, Dan Parkes is a UK based DOP and editor that works on both large and small-scale campaigns internationally. Dan has worked with television programs, documentary film, and music video. With a strong technical know-how and immense style flexibility, Dan works with an array of clients, with a variety of subject matter and budget plans with ease.

On Set with Dan Parkes

Above it all.

Shooting side by side in on a Cocoa Farm for Olam Cocoa.

Directing the shot.

Directing and discussing with the talent always helps makes things run smoothly.

Boarding time.

Time just flies by when travelling with Dan. Always smiling and never stressed.

In the thick of it.

Dan likes to get stuck right in to create depth in the shot.

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  • Drone
  • Film