Daniela Marchi

Photographer - A lover of wine

Autumn Vineyard landscape photographed by Daniela Marchi
Wine tasting this way.

What use is having a great depth of field, if there is not an adequate depth of emotions.

Born and raised in the Tuscan countryside, Daniela Marchi is a seasoned wine and hospitality photographer. Her deep understanding of food, wine, and Italian lifestyle lends itself to work that truly transmits the culture, history, and passion of these worlds. Color, texture, proportion, and narrative all come together in Daniela’s strong and emotive works. 

Wine and dine with Daniela

Eye see you.

Self portrait with a difference.

Setting up.

Setting up can take time.

Capturing the food.

Outside studios are always fresh.

On top of it.

Sometimes you just have to get all mystical and fly above! On set with a special project to raise awareness of the magical journey of the wine.