Emilie Sandy

Photographer - A Mothers Gaze

Will Butler Adams for The Times
Through Emilie’s Eyes

Emilie’s diverse background, and childhood surrounded by artists and eclectics, has lent itself to a photographic style that is entirely her own: poignant, elegant, feminine.

Emilie’s formal education is rooted firmly in both fine arts and communications, making her an excellent commercial photographer with a true eye for style and character. Her portraiture work often captures the subtleties of human character, and moreover she is able to utilize this talent for a multitude of brands, working with marketing teams to meet client goals seamlessly. 

Out and about with Emilie

Emilie Sandy.

Scoping out the next location for a portrait.

BTS for Vild House of Little.

Perfect sunny weather for this chidrens' wear fashion shoot! As well as directing children in her shoots, Emilie always encourage them to 'just be' and play. For this particular shot she sat back and captured the models having a little cuddle - adorable!

BTS for Vild House of Little.

Out in the dunes can be a challenge but Emilie has help on hand to capture the moment.

BTS for Lily and Grace for Lily and Me.

This shoot presented various creative solutions to creating a fun and playful shoot, there were various props involved but Emilie's favourite was a pineapple and pineapple sunglasses!