Giacomo Albo

Photographer - An eye for detail

Giacomo Albo
Precision is in the details

Trained as an architect, Giacomo is a photographer with a precise vision.

Architect by education, Giacomo transformed his design background into a career in photography — making a name for himself as an architectural photographer adept at capturing space and interiors. A keen understanding of light, space and structures, Giacomo’s work appears often in architectural magazines and journals. Beyond his work in photography, he is a Professor of Architectural Communication so an ideal partner for one seeking communication centred around structures. 

Behind The Scenes with Giacomo Albo


Staying focused whilst in a moving boat.

Client side.

Never phased when client and Director are looking over the shoulder.

Ready for take off!

Safety conscious and always professional and smiling.

Race cam driver.

Giacomo is always willing to go that extra mile to get the shot.

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  • Drone
  • Film
  • Photography