Ian Atkinson

Photographer - Imagining the unimaginable

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Ian is an editorial and advertising photographer based in London, UK.

Ian is an international award-winning photographer with a wealth of experience shooting for many market leading companies and specialises in advertising, editorial and portrait photography. 

Ian’s personal project work is made with a meticulous and thoughtful approach, developing ideas over many months of research and analysis; each image is multi layered with a complex narrative storyline. Many of these techniques and creative ideas, which have earned him international acclaim can also be seen throughout his commissioned assignments. “I don’t really see a difference between my approach to personal and commissioned work, I feel they are one in the same.  I spend a great deal of time developing and researching an idea and then developing methods, techniques and practices to make the work. These methods are often shared and adapted throughout my work. One element of my practice just informs the other.

Ian also has a passion for the photo book and has made a number of titles related to travel. “I love to travel the world and see new and interesting people and places. I often find myself dreaming up projects just so I can visit a new place and make new and interesting work. I find people and the environment they live in just incredible, it is truly amazing how much you learn by just looking at the images and realizing what you have captured and how different people are. I look back on images I made only a couple of years ago in Vietnam and everyone was just eating and playing games, two years later they are all on the phone, the world is changing so fast”

Ian is a keen road and gravel cyclist although he admits “sometimes it is more about the beauty of the bikes and the kit than the pursuit itself”. He is also passionate about the landscape and our sustainable future within it.

Behind the lens with Ian

Under the sun

Ian gets ready to shoot under the hot sun in Qatar.

Self portrait.

Testing the gear while taking a selfie.

Keeping safe.

Getting ready to shoot.

Setting up.