Mark Hadj Hamou

Film Maker & Photographer - Let's make something beautiful

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Mark is photographer, drone operator, and filmmaker based in Paris.

Having grown up all over the world, only settling down in France when he was 14, he’s developed a taste for travelling and exploring new places. Mark has a strong focus on luxury visual storytelling, creating stunning visuals for luxury resorts all over the world and helping tell stories that stand out from the crowd. It’s not all about the visuals however, he loves putting the emotionĀ at the forefront of his creations, to create memorable compositions.
After working a few years as a Management Consultant, he committed to his passion for photo and video, while also applying the lessons he learned from Consulting to his craft, including understanding client needs and expectations, project management, etc.

On tour with Mark

Cooking up a storm.

Working side by side with talented chefs is crucial in a busy kitchen.

Out in the field.

Mark loves his travel and getting there is part of the journey.

A room with a view.

As part of his preparation Mark likes to take it all in before filming.

Market day.

Keeping everything light and nimbal is vital in keeping a low profile during busy market days.

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