Nicola Federico Onnis

Filmmaker & Editor - The Ninja master

See what the South has to offer

From Horror Films to Works for Multinational Manufacturers and Luxury Hotel Groups, Nicola’s work excites and amuses.

Nicola holds a degree in Communications from the University of Cagliari, and a Masters in Film Direction from Barcelona Cinema School. He has worked with Herd Represented on a range of high profile films and campaigns, including works for our multi-national industrial clients as well as many of our luxury hospitality clients. Nicola’s work is exciting, punchy, and cinematic. He recently won the best meta-short film in the Sabadell Horror Film Festival for his work in “The Butcher – El Carnicero”. Based in Milan and Cagliari. 

Nicola is a dedicated film nut and passionate about his work. He goes the extra mile to make it happen and then some.

On set with Nicola Federico Onnis

In the action.

Getting to grips with the moment.

Sunny disposition.

Can you see that bug he is filming? Check out the Il Leccio film!

Safety first.

Working safely is all part of the fun.

Taking off.

Nicola is certainly a passionate filmmaker and ready to take off at a moments notice.

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