Pedro Faria

Photographer - What is gone is gone forever.

Pedro Faria


Pedro is an Architectural and Advertising Photographer

Pedro Faria was born on Madeira Island where he grew up and played in the streets of Funchal. Surrounded by the nature of the island he developed a great sense of adventure and extreme sports.

“ For Photographers, what is gone is gone forever … photograph is holding your breath when all your faculties are combined before a runaway reality” Henri Cartier-Bresson Bresson is one the most relevant photographers of the 20th century, known for both his technique and precision when it comes to capturing the “decisive moment”.

This statement from Henri,  fueled Pedro’s obsession for photography with not only the possibility to perpetuate memories but also the desire to register, within in a movement, the moment in which all moving elements are balanced and create a unique image. Pedro gradually became more conscious of the constant evaluation of a photographer’s sight. You have the power to combine lines by just moving a few millimeters. Therefore, like other artists, a photographer may design and create. As he set his mind to further explore the world of photography, Pedro started his Degree in Photography at Universidade Lusófona in Lisbon, where he learnt one makes photography instead of “taking” it. After the conclusion of his degree, he developed his work in Lisbon for another year before returning to Madeira in 2013 to launch himself as a freelance photographer. Today Pedro dedicates his work  to advertising, editorial and architectural photography.

Behind the Scenes with Pedro

Rise and Shine

The scene comes alive through the morning mist.

Rise above it

Taking pole position to get the shot

Through the darkness

Always smiling and a positive attitude

On the Go

On the go and ready to roll