Toby Gray

Photographer & Retoucher - Makes it Happen

Toby Gray
Come take a look

Toby is a standout talent who goes above and beyond for our clients, executing out-of-the box ideas to excellent results.

Toby has a BSc in Film Technology and Visual Effects from Birmingham University, with a classical photo and video training that has enabled him to be a full service photographer as well as a high-end retoucher and editor. Beyond his precise vision and technical know-how, Toby is a creative that always goes the extra mile on shoot, making him the perfect teammate on challenging and dynamic projects. 

On board with Toby

Always smiling

As happy behind the camera as in front of it.

Cooling off

The man to have poolside to help when needed.

Camera at the ready

You never know when you may need to dive in after the Director with the camera at the ready.

Sunrise stroll

Nothing like an early sunrise walk on the beach.