Belmond Hotel Cipriani Edipo Re.

Vintage glamour on the lagoons, a Venetian experience for Belmond Hotel Cipriani.

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Shooting Film and stills on Edipo Re

It’s all about the experiences and the team at Belmond certainly know how to organise that for their guests. On this trip we shot both film and stills onboard the stunning Edipo Re with support boat provided by Belmond Hotel Cipriani’s legendary Fabio.


DOP: Marco Riva

DRONE: Giacomo Albo

MUSIC: Simone Cilio

Behind the scenes

An angle with a difference.

Hanging on to get that shot.

Drone team at the ready.

Giacomo looks worried as its not that easy to land the expensive drone on the back of a moving boat with a slippery wooden surface!

In the middle of it.

Marco likes to get himself in the middle of the action to capture the details.

Producing on the go.

Down time between locations means checking in with the office for all of us.