Creating added value with film & photography for Il Leccio Luxury Resort on the Ligurian coastline in Italy.

Originally we were commissioned to photograph the entire property to create a set of images to be used across their marketing material. We suggested a film and brought in Nicola Onnis to assist Tyson Sadlo during the photoshoot but also shoot film as well. The client was not sure at first about spending the extra budget but once they saw the film they realised the value in having that additional marketing material.



DOP & EDITOR: Nicola Federico Onnis

Behind The Scenes

Breath of fresh air.

Valentina getting some Fresh air after hiding below deck during our shoot.

Diving in with passion.

Testing the waters before asking our models to do the same.

Over and under.

Shooting the over and under shot requires a deep breath and timing.

Side by Side.

Shooting together is like a dance and the coordination has to be perfect.