IMI Global Campaign.

IMI’s state of the art precision and firm diversity on display for their global campaign.

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Around the world with IMI and Design Motive

We worked with Design Motive to capture a global campaign for IMI for a cost effective budget. We kept the team to a minimum and chose to use continue lighting to film and photograph at the same time. The great thing about working with Mike from Design Motive is that he is very much hands on and even helped with the equipment when required.



DOP: Nicola Federico Onnis

EDITOR: Paula Frank

MUSIC: Simone Cilio

Behind the scenes with Design Motive and IMI

All sparked up.

The welding team were certainly full of spark and were so excited to be involved in the filming and stills.

The man in control.

Mike is certainly a great client to work with as loves to get into the projects with full control.

The characters you meet.

We love that you get to meet so many wonderful characters in the most interesting places.

Suitably Impressed.

Our DOP taking it all in and having a think about that next shot!