Mandarin Oriental Post-covid Opening.

No Matter what mask you wear.

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As Mandarin Oriental prepared to welcome clients back into their historic Milan property, the group tasked Herd with creating a new campaign for the opening.

Marketing hospitality in a post-Covid environment is a delicate matter, that many in the industry are taking on in their own unique ways.

For our new campaign for the re-opening of Mandarin Oriental Milan, transparent communication around health and safety measures was paramount. Having said that, we didn’t want to lose the elegance and feeling of indulgence that accompanies a stay at Mandarin Oriental Milan. 

Working with Mandarin Oriental Milan’s marketing team, we crafted a film that subtly displays masks of all types: whether that be spa, sleeping shades, or a pair of swimming goggles for an afternoon dip. The message was: “No matter which mask you choose to wear, you are always welcome at The Mandarin Oriental”. 

We see clients asking for more details from hotels about health and safety regulations in this new environment, and we saw the need to address the concern head on, while still infusing the film with the Mandarin Oriental’s signature tone. 

Film Maker Nicola Onnis and Director Tyson Sadlo captured the film on location in Milan, as well as shot hero images to be used in a social campaign and site content. The Mandarin Oriental Milan is indeed back in full swing, and we’re excited to see what the new season has in store. 



DOP & EDITOR: Nicola Federico Onnis

Michelin starred chef Antonio Guida and his team.

Two Michelin star chef Antonio Guida and his team ready to welcome back their guests.

Above it All.

Apertivo in Style in the inner courtyard.

Rise and shine.

Waking up in style with a mask of your choice.

Luca Finardi, the man with a plan.

Charismatic GM Luca Finardi sure knows how to make you feel welcome.