Hotel Savoy, Florence.

We created a series of films for Hotel Savoy that included a Main film as well as shorter social media cuts. In addition we also created walkthrough films.


DOP & EDITOR: Giuseppe Vetrano

CAMERMAN: Nicola Federico Onnis

DRONE: Giuseppe Vetrano

MUSIC: Simone Cilio





A new view of Hotel Savoy in Florence.

The Challenge was to capture a view of the hotel that had not been seen before. With careful planning and a recce we were able to gain access to a building on the other side of the square that was closed for renovations.

Out and about.

It is all about the experiences and we wanted to show the beauty of the gardens overlooking Florence with the couple enjoying this precious moment out of the city.

Painting lesson within.

The idea was to bring the traditional experiences around Florence within the hotel itself. Highlighting just how central Hotel Savoy is in the heart of the city.

Shopping from the comfort of your suite.

Why go out shopping when you can have the experience of selecting your own hand picked designs from the stylist!