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Kartu Photo are two very passionate, ambitious and curious people. In 2012 Luca Righi & Giulia Rizzini founded Kartu to express their vision of photography and their core philosophy. They have a keen interest in contemporary photography and art as a gateway to new creative inputs, and to stay connected with the evolution of images and their use. Kartu means "together": because this is how they live, work and create images worth keeping.

Luca is a  photographer specialised in the visual representation of objects and materials. He started his professional journey as an assistant in the world of ceramics photography, and has never stopped researching it ever since. He is passionate about the physics of light and how it impacts the different materials, enhancing their features and textures. In recent years, his focus has moved to include food photography. He was struck by the incredible complexity of the chromatic representation of food in all its forms: from raw materials to the most sophisticated creations.

Giulia is a graphic designer and visual communicator. She was born in Mantova in 1982, and I graduated in Graphic Design from ISIA Urbino in 2005, where she also completed her Master’s Degree in Editorial Photography two years later. Giulia has been part of the team behind the Biennale Della Fotografia Femminile since 2018, a photography festival created to give a better platform to women in photography.

On set with the duo

Old School format.

Focus on the subject.

Through the lens.

As the camera sees it.

Softly does it.

Seriously focused.

Sitting down on the job.

Stairway to success.