Attention to detail and making sure the Umbrella is open for business!

Posted on 1st June 2022 in General

Reid's Palace, Maderia
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Get those Umbrella's open!

When I shoot any image that has an umbrella in shot I always insist on getting them open as for me it shows that the scene is open for business and ready to do its job to protect and serve as shade or shelter!

Closed umbrellas in a shot drive me crazy and it shows a lack of attention to detail by the creative capturing that shot. It does not matter if it is a single umbrella or a whole sea of umbrella’s in the shot, I like to go that extra mile and make sure they are open.

I often get asked what makes the difference between what I shoot and what the others shoot. As part of our preparation for any campaign is the attention to the details in a scene. That includes getting every umbrella in shot open or removed if its not opened! It sound crazy but I literally am obsessed about it!

Oh and of course don’t gt me started on bins and other items that need to be relocated or hidden…. now that is another article.


Tyson Sadlo