Forte Village BTS

Posted on 1st July 2022 in General

The team of Herd Represented talking to each other on shoot
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Multilanguage shootings are a favourite here!

We have recently been to the amazing Forte Village property in Sardinia, Italy, to shoot a photography and film campaign.

As it often is at Herd Represented, it was a team effort, with people from different countries around the world. We had an Australian, a Cuban, a Slovakian, an Argentinian, and a bunch of creative Italians (we know, it sounds like the beginning of a joke). The communication part was an interesting one, as multiple languages were used at the same time, resulting in a very unusual yet fun style on this shoot.

We do however have a BTS film that proves that somehow we managed to understand each other!

We look forward to sharing the final campaign with you when it is ready, in the meantime, enjoy the BTS film.

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