Surf & Turf with an Argentinian

Posted on 28th June 2022 in General

Caleb Conde_Bariloche (4)
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Argentinian Filmmaker and Photographer Caleb Conde joins us at Herd Represented.

You will find Caleb Conde In a constant flux between a meditative state of mind on free dive in the deep blue, to the adrenaline inducing chase of a mountain skierĀ  down a sheer slope.

This adventurous Argentinean adrenaline junkie certainly likes to go the extra mile to create content for outdoor and adventure brands. This cool, calm and collected creative carves through the water or snow like a natural and manages to fight the challenging conditions to get that moment just right.

Comfortable off the beaten path as remote can be, this talented man certainly puts anyone at ease in front of his lens.

He likes to span the globe capturing both film and still images of the world around him. Keep an eye out for this talented creative..


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