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Posted on 20th May 2021 in General

Floating Romantic Dinner @ Belmond Hotel Caruso
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Behind the Shot by Tyson Sadlo

A romantic dinner for two on a floating platform overlooking the Amalfi Coast at Belmond Hotel Caruso.

Whilst shooting for Orient Express Hotels (now called Belmond), I was asked to photograph a romantic couple having dinner by the pool overlooking the Amalfi Coast.

Having just arrived in Italy I was impressed by the use of lifesaving twin hulled rowing boats on the Italian beaches. For this shot we “acquired” one of these fibreglass boats, ripped off the top and used the base for our platform. Within 24 hours our team had created a stable base to have our couple have their romantic dinner. I had my assistant position the platform by hand whilst we shot the film and took the pics.

We added extra drama to the shot by having the waiter deliver the dinner whilst balancing on the edge of the pool! – Tyson Sadlo

See the film that goes with the image.