Il Leccio at Sunrise
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At Herd Represented we’re used to working with clients on a tight schedule.

 We’ve developed techniques to save time, and production budget, while delivering content that carries a brand message across platforms with a consistent look and feel.

One of the ways we do this is by shooting both film and stills simultaneously. This doesn’t sound like a ground-breaking concept, however you’d be surprised to hear how few agencies work in this way. The logistics of a shoot like this requires some attention to team selection and symbiosis.

As co-founder Tyson Sadlo describes it, when a photographer and film maker work together on a shoot it is like a dance – capturing different angles, light, and perspectives in tandem as the shoot goes on. It is important for a photographer and filmmaker to be aligned in terms of vision and work style – and when Herd Represented puts together a team for a shoot this compatibility is top of mind. Not only is this a time saver, it also means not having to create settings twice, allows the ability to capture scenes using the same natural lighting in some cases. It also provides a consistent look between film and stills – creating a consistent and professional output for our clients – whether that be on social, site, or corporate assets.

Check out our shoot from this past July for Il Leccio, where photographer and filmmaker swerve and dive in tandem to capture film and stills together.

Behind the scenes at Il Leccio

Stand by me

Stand by me! Working together takes communication and concentration. We switch between a tango or a waltz, depending on the move.

Boat to boat

At water level as our support teams discuss logistics in the busy bay.

Nothing like a 5am start

Sunrise early starts are never an issue to get that light.

Jumping for Joy

Striking a pose on the edge!

Il Leccio Pool