Create Once, Use Often

Posted on 10th November 2020 in General

Boating along the northern Mallorca coastline for Belmond La Residencia. Photography by Tyson Sadlo
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Create once, use often.

The content we create for our clients’ campaigns is not only visually compelling but also needs to be consistent, providing the same look and feel across different platforms with our film and stills. At Herd Represented, our way of working within the allocated budget and time is to create once and use often. It means that, when possible, we organize to be shooting at the same time both stills and film. Whilst on location we prepare the set once and work in unison as a tight team to capture that content together. This approach has worked really well for our team as well as for clients who want to leverage best practices for content creation.

Our purpose is to build a narrative with the content we create, to show different aspects of the clients’ business. This approach allows us to build a film and stills library that is consistent and that can be edited for different purposes, from website galleries to advertising and social media. Knowing that we have an extensive collection of raw content, clients turn to us when they need to refresh their campaigns, but do not have the possibility to shoot anew. This has been particularly relevant in the last few months, several shootings had to be put on hold because of lockdowns and restrictions all around the world. Forced to work only from the studio, we found solutions to help hotels campaign for their reopening, while bringing in more work for our creative team.

Take a look at Islands in Bloom, a film for Belmond, edited by Oliver Astrologo, that was created with content produced by Herd Represented over the years working with Belmond.

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Belmond Islands in Bloom.

Content created by Herd Represented and edited by Oliver Astrologo