Boschi, Cavar Carbone, award winning documentary of the Best Film Decided by the Public at Firm Film Festival 2020.

Posted on 11th October 2020 in General

Boschi, cavar carbone - Official Traile
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Marco Riva's Documentary film, Boschi, Cavar Carbone, is a success on the international film circuit.

The importance of working on a your own passion project is no more evident than the example set by our filmmaker Marco Riva. He has worked hard with his team to create a stunning documentary following a tradition in Italy that not too many are aware of. This is the story of that film project that is winning many accolades on the international film circuit.

At Giazza, a Cimbrian village in eastern Lessinia, the Boschi’s family has been preserving and conveying the ancient charcoal tradition for forty years.
In the words of each member, strongly emerges the bond with this profession which bears values increasingly rare ​​in this chaotic consumer society: the sense of family, patience and sharing.

Precious memories resurface: Nello’s childhood, divided between school, breeding and help to his father and also the formative encounter with two expert carbonai who will initiate him to this ancient craft.
The deep conversations around the fire along with the singing of coal, pervade the memories of his son Giorgio, who is now an expert carbonaio, and those of the young great-granddaughter Gloria who carefully observes this ancient practice eager to become, one day, an active part of this magical rite, which means family to her.

Directed by: Marco Riva
with: Nello Boschi, Giorgio Boschi, Gloria Boschi

Produced by: Gramvideo

Assistant director: Fabiola Malinverno
Music composer: Simone Cilio

Sound design: Dario Forlani
Editing: Marco Riva

Subtitles: Rossella Laeng

Country of Filming: Italy

Film Language: Italian (EN sub)

Runtime: 17:14 min

Completion Date: March 2020

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