Recording Caribbean Waves

Posted on 17th May 2022 in General

Rob at Sunset in Mexico
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Listening to waves on an empty beach is one of Rob's all-time mega fave connections to nature.

The vastness of the ocean and the endless subtle variation in sound goes a long way in quietening Rob’s active mind.

Listening to waves on an empty beach is not only an incredible sonic experience, but also an effective mindfulness technique. Like breaths, no two waves are the same. Rob loves to close his eyes and visualise the shapes and dimensions of the passing waves at any given moment. There are too many variables at work in the vastness of the ocean to allow for two identical waves. They can rumble, ripple, chop, glide, boom, sizzle, crinkle, drop, splash, lunge, crack like thunder, rip from the sides, they can cut razor-sharp, they can effervesce, they can seemingly whisper in your ear – so many flavours and moods of sound. So much onomatopoeia!

The practice of observing the shapes of each passing wave can really help relinquish any attachment to a thought or emotion. It can help to step outside of your head, and ground yourself in the physical realm. It can help create a distinction between mind activity and being. Listening to nature was a key practice that helped Rob when entrenched in those early London Lockdowns.

Rob’s first profound experience of listening to the ocean came on a deserted beach just outside of Palermo, Sicily. as he was working on a film there and on his downtime he would go to the beach. Every day sounded so dramatically different to the next. One day the water was so tranquil that all he could hear was the gentlest effervescence as the waves lapped against the shore. He got my mics in super close. It’s such a magic recording that has found a home in countless projects since.

Here’s a photo of Rob on the beach one sunrise recording the vastness of epic nature  in the Caribbean. The waters that morning were proper choppy! A HUGE thank you to @mreppettiph for capturing that moment. Marcos and Rob first got chatting by chance one sunrise. He came with his camera.  Rob came with his audio recorder and a connection was made.