Creative Directing from 1840 Kilometres away!

Posted on 17th March 2021 in General

Palazzo Fiuggi BTS
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Keeping our Creative Director Safe!

How do you shoot in Covid times?

In the beginning of March we shot a new campaign for Palazzo Fiuggi Wellness Medical retreat in the stunning Italian countryside town of Fiuggi, a stone’s throw from Rome.

Because of Covid, we weren’t able to fly everyone in, so we had to find solutions to keep our creative director up to speed all the time! Will spent the entire shoot sat in the comfort of his directors chair in London sipping on his cups of tea and munching on snacks from time to time. He really wanted to be on set but sadly was not allowed to travel. Meanwhile the team took him everywhere on the production laptops, iPads and phones, from floor level to climbing trees and even in the pool for a swim! Will truly got a birds eye view of the shots as they were imported directly into the computers using CaptureOne and the Red Komodo software to enable him to see exactly what we were capturing.

We also had the chance to work with the celebrated Chef Heinz Beck and his team to capture some amazing content of what he is preparing for the lucky guests coming for the Wellness Medical treatments.

The team at Palazzo Fiuggi are working hard to have the property ready for the opening. It was a pleasure to help them on their creative journey. A huge thanks to all of the teams for making this campaign possible.

Here you’ll find a selection of some behind the scenes. They will show you how we managed to shoot photos and video at the same time, while flying drones into the Spa with the amazing team of HeliVR.

In addition our rather crazy Director and Photographer proved that at Herd Represented we literally “Get Things Done”. When faced with a damaged bridge on location he personally carried the entire 11 person team across the river including all the kit for the shoot by a stunning waterfall. By virtue of the fact that our Creative Director was working remotely, he was the easiest person to carry across that river….

We look forward to sharing the final campaign with you when it is ready.

Watch this space.

Herd Represented