Know Cocoa with Olam de Zaan

Posted on 13th July 2021 in General

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On set with Glenn and the team as they show the difference between cocoa powders.

Our team in London and Milan were commissioned by Olam Cocoa to create a series of films for the B2B market so professional chefs could know more about the differences in the cocoa powders from de Zaan.

We chose one of our Belgium based teams to pop over to Amsterdam to take over the Olam de Zaan canteen and build the on site studio for the 2 day shoot. Glenn, Toon and Willem worked their magic to create a great set and images for the campaign.

Everything was filmed on Red cameras and stills shot using Canon cameras and lenses. The Creative Direction and production was done remotely due to Covid restrictions by Theo and Tyson. So in the end a three city approach to make it all happen. Only those on set were lucky enough to savour the tasty treats by Talia!