The Mystical Journey

Posted on 5th January 2021 in General

Daniela Marchi UnViaggio
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The mystical journey of wine by Daniela Marchi

I have the desire to experience that incredible feeling of being like a “foreigner” in a distant and unexplored land.  I would like to invite you and bring on that journey with me as we explore together. I want to take you to my island, made up of nature, where the vine regenerates and rests during the winter period, floating and preparing for a wonderful rebirth.
Travel has always played an important role for me, and in recent times with limited travel, when mobility has come to a standstill, my predisposition towards the world of fantasy has made me find a place far from reality in which to take refuge. A place where my imagination can float, partly because of uncertainty but also to set the power of nature above everything else, in the sky.
In my work as a wine photographer, I wanted to relate the moment in which we find ourselves, winter, with this state of uncertainty in which we are immersed. A suspended moment in which the plant regenerates itself while waiting for a rebirth that will bring new fruits.
I tried to represent a microcosm in which the vine is full of details that could make it realistic, in contrast with the context.
I hope to use this project to bring back that mystique to the process of wine and where it starts and how it’s created. The true masters of the industry that are still harnessing the magic that makes this industry still possible to tease and tantalise the tastebuds!
There are no foreign lands, it is the traveler only who is foreign (Robert Louis
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