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Posted on 31st March 2021 in General

Luca Rosati Golden Bones
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Seeing things from a different perspective

A food photographer is not just the one who shoots pictures of restaurants’ dishes, recipes, or design dishes. To my view, a food photographer is also the one who tries to see food in other ways, such as in different lights, shapes, colours, concepts.
I am not just a food photographer, I am a creative and conceptual photographer.
Of course I also shoot chefs’ dishes, and I have a lot of fun while trying to put my personal touch into it. I want to be different from anyone else and enhance the creativity of the dish and its creator.
Why? Because I have a background as a Chef, working in professional kitchens, so creativity to me is the necessary ingredient to obtain great results.
To see food differently, light, whether natural or artificial, is a fundamental element. Sunlight has become very present in my work. It makes shapes and colours bright, brings up details and creates amazing shadows that adds depth to the image. Shapes and colours of the ingredients are also very important, as you decide which ones to focus on, to create unique concepts.
I’ve created many of my works by focusing on specific ingredients and elements. My last project, “Golden Bones” is a perfect example. I wanted to create a fashion set, so I painted some calf bones and I created the set trying to make it bright and kitsch at the same time. I think it worked!
Many of my works are created wanting to think “out of the box”, as I did with “VooDoo, genetic modification” or “Minimal Approach”. In both projects I used a minimal approach to develop the idea and create the set.
This is my idea of photography. Using lights and contrast to create charming and powerful images. I want to create images that need to be seen multiple times, every time discovering new details and emotions.
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